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INP is more than just coaching!

INP Training

Text / Call
(562) 533-3962
for more information.

It is:

  • In-depth evaluation

  • Blood type clarification

  • Consideration of medical history

  • Constitution Evaluation

  • Personalized goals

  • 1-on-1 The Real You Report

  • Personalized nutrition lists

  • Customized kinesiology testing

  • Individualized guidance from trained INP nutritionist

  • Personalized action plans

  • Personalized skill training

  • Easy phone access to individualized nutrition list

  • Easy phone access to INP shopping list

  • 1-on-1 Follow-up sessions with INP nutritionist

  • 1-on-1 Support from INP nutritionist

  • Exclusive content

  • Community Events and Get-Togethers

  • Extended Service - ongoing support from your trusted INP nutritionist

  • Lifestyle Workshops w / Rita Harrison, developer and founder of the INP

  • It’s a Lifestyle, not a Diet!

    • Your Personal INP Nutritionist shows you how to make food a pleasurable experience while losing weight, boosting metabolism and balancing out your digestive powers.

  • Just knowing is never enough!

    • You probably have an idea of what you should and shouldn’t eat, but just knowing this might feel like an insurmountable effort. Instead, we give you an excitement boost with new and cutting-edge insights about yourself that make achieving your goals bound to happen.

  • A Support System
    rather than Quick-Fix Coaching!

    • We understand that changing habits is easier said than done, but with an ally by your side, everything is attainable. That’s why we go beyond coaching, offering you a skilled and dedicated support system through your very own personal INP nutritionist.