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Welcome To Your New Office

Welcome To Your New Office

Be Independent - Be Self-Employed - Be Doing What You Love Be Independent - Be Self-Employed - Be Doing What You Love
independent nutrition practitioner (INP)

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Get the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want

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According to the CDC, 36.5 percent of the U.S. population are obese. This is because they don’t know what foods are good for their bodies. Working as an independent nutrition practitioner (INP) can be a profitable venture to aid these Americans in their quest to look and feel better through proper diet, exercise and counseling.

Wellness is a growing area for people who are concerned about living healthier lives, from how to make the right nutrition choices, to strategies for maintaining weight loss, to incorporating more physical activity. If you have an interest in helping people achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals, then this is an excellent business opportunity to explore.


independent nutrition practitioner

Nutrition businesses have lucrative potential. They also are a business that offers personal satisfaction for you as a new business owner, because you know you will be contributing to the improved health and well-being of the customers in your community.

So why INP?

  • Home-based and low-cost business
  • Unmatched industry knowledge base and application
  • Offers a wide range of solutions for clients

Startup Costs: $490

  • Price includes training and database access for 12 months.

After That: $300

  • 12 month database access (recurring)

And After That: NOTHING...

  • 100% of what you earn is yours!

More information about training here.

weight loss programs USA (INP)
In spring 2017, 23.86 million people in the U.S. followed a weight loss program.
Nielsen Scarborough
nutrition (INP)
9.15 million people bought medication for weight loss within a period of 12 months in spring 2017.
Nielsen Scarborough
weight reduction (INP)
3.1% of households with an income of $125,000 or more, spent $500-$999 on weight reduction in 2017.
Medical weight loss (INP)
Medical weight loss program revenue is expected to reach about $9.6 billion by 2019.
Marketdata Enterprises