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No Water, No Life

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How and why to make water your beverage of choice

How and why to make water your beverage of choice

Many think of water as that free thing that shows up at the table when we really want a soda or beer. Others say it’s only for showers. Without water, however, all the other work we do for our health is down the drain.

Water and Metabolism

A big part of good nutrition is water! Unless you are well-hydrated, your system can't run properly and metabolism is impacted.

Water=Oil, Food=Gasoline

If you were a car, water would be the oil for your engine and food your gasoline.

Be a Water Gourmet

If you don’t like drinking water, you might be onto the fact that a lot of it isn’t very good. Taste different waters to find ones that you enjoy drinking, or get a good filter to improve your water quality and taste.

Sip and Savor!

Don’t waterboard yourself! When you sip and enjoy, you are properly hydrating your cells.

Common Sense and Water

Cubes of ice in that fabulous glass of wine? You may never consider it, but most Americans consume ice water without giving it a second thought. Not only does it make your body work harder to maintain the correct temperature, it’s counter-productive to healthy metabolism. Research has shown that it creates more mucous and respiratory issues when you have a cold or flu, and aggravates migraines and other health issues. When deciding whether cold, room temperature, warm, or hot water is best, follow the seasons and your bodies’ thermostat.

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