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Individual Nutrition Plans

Let Food Be Your Fuel and Friend for a Fun Filled Healthy Lifestyle

INP is nourishment done right!
We don't give you another diet that focuses on counting calories, what you shouldn't eat, or having to squeeze your lifestyle into general eating advice that may or may not help you lose body fat and stay in good shape.

Instead, we show you how you can boost your metabolism, enhance your energy, and stay motivated to eat right by teaching you about what kind of food you digest and process best, and what kind of food will block your digestion, energy and metabolic capacities even if it's meant to be healthy.

Research tells us that everything is energy, everyone is unique, and this is important when you choose to make food your natural healer and beauty ally. When it comes to becoming or staying lean, in shape and radiating a youthful glow from the inside out, it is essential to focus on the fun of enjoying what you eat. This is not the case when you have to starve, replace real meals by some artificial drink, or feel guilty when you eat this or that. The kind of energy with which you buy, prepare and take in your food matters! It either punishes you (and your energy goes down), or it uplifts you (and your energy goes up).

When you stress yourself with a diet or don't eat enough, your body goes into survival mode, known as the fear-fight-flight response. In this case, the energy and the blood flow is directed mainly into the muscles, as if you are preparing to run away or fight off "the enemy". When food becomes your enemy, your organs and glands don’t get enough blood and energy, and is it any wonder you suffer from digestive problems like bloating, lack of nutrients and never feel satisfactory nourished, no matter how full you actually are!

You are trapped in the vicious circle of not getting enough!
…not enough results when it comes to losing belly fat or cellulitis, not enough strength in your immune system, not enough concentration and sleep, etc.

Therefore, we created the INP, your Individualized Nutrition Plan, which gives you the right fuel to keep you running and going. Like a car, our body systems need the right petrol or gas so that we can function optimally. If you put diesel into a petrol or gas car, it will break down. Many of us know what to put into our cars, but don't know what to put into ourselves!

This is why we give you a nutrition plan that considers not just your blood type, but also your constitution type and what kind of energy you feed yourself with every day.

Stop dieting, start digesting!
Let's do it right. It's never too late to have the body, health and energetic vibrancy you've been looking for..

Contact The Team At
team @ inp . life
for more information.

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